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Teen Pregnancy Reduction Project San Bernardino

Teen Pregnancy Reduction Project San Bernardino: A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing a Critical Issue


Teen pregnancy remains a significant public health concern in the United States, with far-reaching consequences for both young mothers and their children. In San Bernardino County, California, the teen birth rate has consistently exceeded the national average, highlighting the need for targeted interventions to address this issue. The Teen Pregnancy Reduction Project (TPRP) San Bernardino was established in 2015 to combat this challenge and improve the health and well-being of youth in the county.

Program Overview

The TPRP San Bernardino is a comprehensive, multi-faceted program that employs a holistic approach to teen pregnancy prevention. The program is grounded in the principles of evidence-based practices and is tailored to meet the unique needs of the San Bernardino community.

Key Components

The TPRP San Bernardino consists of several key components, including:

  • Education and Awareness: The program provides comprehensive sex education to youth through school-based programs, community workshops, and outreach activities. This education focuses on promoting healthy relationships, responsible decision-making, and access to contraception.
  • Youth Development: The program offers a range of youth development activities, such as after-school programs, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. These activities aim to empower youth, build their self-esteem, and provide them with positive role models.
  • Community Engagement: The TPRP San Bernardino actively engages with community organizations, faith-based groups, and local businesses to raise awareness about teen pregnancy and promote healthy behaviors. This collaboration helps to create a supportive environment for youth and their families.
  • Access to Healthcare: The program provides access to affordable and confidential healthcare services, including reproductive health care, contraception, and prenatal care. This ensures that youth have the resources they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring: The TPRP San Bernardino is continuously evaluated to assess its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. This evaluation process involves collecting data on program outcomes, such as teen birth rates, and conducting qualitative research to understand the impact of the program on youth.

Target Population

The TPRP San Bernardino targets youth between the ages of 12 and 19 who are at risk of teen pregnancy. This includes youth who have low self-esteem, limited access to healthcare, or who live in communities with high rates of teen pregnancy. The program also focuses on reaching out to youth who are already pregnant or parenting to provide them with support and resources.

Program Outcomes

Since its inception, the TPRP San Bernardino has made significant progress in reducing teen pregnancy rates in the county. The teen birth rate in San Bernardino County has declined by 20% since the program’s implementation. Additionally, the program has reported positive outcomes in the areas of youth development, community engagement, and access to healthcare.

Success Factors

The success of the TPRP San Bernardino can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Evidence-Based Approach: The program is based on proven strategies that have been shown to be effective in reducing teen pregnancy.
  • Tailored Approach: The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the San Bernardino community, taking into account local demographics, cultural factors, and community resources.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: The program actively collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including schools, community organizations, and healthcare providers. This collaboration ensures that youth have access to a comprehensive range of services and support.
  • Youth Engagement: The program places a strong emphasis on youth engagement, involving youth in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the program. This ensures that the program is responsive to the needs of youth and that their voices are heard.
  • Sustainability: The TPRP San Bernardino is designed to be sustainable over the long term. The program has established partnerships with local organizations and secured funding to ensure its continued operation.


The Teen Pregnancy Reduction Project San Bernardino is a comprehensive and effective program that has made significant progress in reducing teen pregnancy rates in the county. The program’s evidence-based approach, tailored design, and emphasis on collaboration and youth engagement have contributed to its success. The TPRP San Bernardino serves as a model for other communities seeking to address the challenge of teen pregnancy and improve the health and well-being of their youth.

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