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Week 34 Of Pregnancy

Week 34 of Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Guide


Congratulations on reaching week 34 of your pregnancy! You’re now in the final stretch, and your body and baby are undergoing significant changes. This week, you’ll likely experience increased Braxton Hicks contractions, weight gain, and changes in your baby’s movements. Understanding these changes can help you navigate this exciting and transformative time.

Physical Changes

Braxton Hicks Contractions:

As your body prepares for labor, you may experience Braxton Hicks contractions, also known as false labor. These contractions are irregular, painless, and typically last for 30-60 seconds. They can be a sign that your body is practicing for the real thing.

Weight Gain:

You may continue to gain weight during week 34, typically around 1-2 pounds per week. This weight gain is primarily due to the growth of your baby, the placenta, and increased fluid levels.

Skin Changes:

Your skin may become more sensitive and prone to itching. This is caused by the stretching of your skin as your belly grows. Moisturizing regularly can help alleviate itching.

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks may appear on your belly, breasts, and thighs. These are caused by the rapid stretching of your skin. While they are common, there is no guaranteed way to prevent them.

Changes in Bowel Movements:

Hormonal changes can affect your bowel movements, making them more frequent or less frequent. Constipation is also common during pregnancy. Eating a high-fiber diet and staying hydrated can help regulate your bowel movements.

Baby’s Development

Physical Development:

Your baby is now about the size of a small cantaloupe, measuring approximately 17.5 inches long and weighing around 4.5 pounds. Their skin is becoming smoother, and they are developing a layer of fat beneath their skin.

Lung Development:

Your baby’s lungs are continuing to develop and mature. They are now able to breathe in and out amniotic fluid, practicing for breathing after birth.

Brain Development:

Your baby’s brain is rapidly developing, and they are becoming more responsive to external stimuli. They may startle at loud noises or bright lights.


You may notice a decrease in your baby’s movements this week. This is because they are running out of space in the uterus. However, you should still feel your baby move several times a day.

Fetal Position:

Most babies are head-down by week 34. However, some babies may still be in a breech position (feet-down). Your doctor will monitor your baby’s position and may recommend an external cephalic version (ECV) if the baby is breech.

Emotional Changes

Mood Swings:

Hormonal fluctuations can lead to mood swings during pregnancy. You may feel happy and excited one moment and sad or anxious the next.


It’s common to feel anxious as you approach your due date. Talking to your partner, family, or friends can help alleviate anxiety.


Many women experience a strong urge to clean, organize, and prepare for the baby’s arrival during week 34. This is known as nesting.

Medical Care

Prenatal Appointments:

You will likely have a prenatal appointment this week. Your doctor will check your weight, blood pressure, and urine. They will also listen to your baby’s heartbeat and measure your belly to monitor the baby’s growth.


Your doctor may order an ultrasound this week to check your baby’s position, growth, and amniotic fluid levels.

Labor Signs:

Be aware of the signs of labor, which include:

  • Regular contractions that become stronger and more frequent
  • Water breaking
  • Bloody show (mucus tinged with blood)
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pressure

If you experience any of these signs, call your doctor immediately.

Tips for Week 34

  • Rest when you need to.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Exercise regularly, but avoid strenuous activity.
  • Listen to your body and take breaks when needed.
  • Talk to your partner, family, or friends about your feelings.
  • Prepare for the baby’s arrival by packing a hospital bag and setting up the nursery.
  • Enjoy this special time and cherish the moments with your growing baby.


Week 34 of pregnancy is a time of significant changes and anticipation. By understanding the physical and emotional changes you may experience, you can navigate this week with confidence and excitement. Remember to take care of yourself, monitor your baby’s movements, and stay in close contact with your healthcare provider. As you approach the final weeks of your pregnancy, embrace the joy and wonder of this transformative journey.

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