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With Child Teen Pregnancy Center Arizona

With Child Teen Pregnancy Center: A Haven for Young Mothers in Arizona


Teenage pregnancy remains a prevalent issue in the United States, with an estimated 750,000 young women becoming pregnant each year. Arizona is no exception, with a teen birth rate of 27.9 per 1,000 girls aged 15-19 in 2020. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by young mothers, With Child Teen Pregnancy Center in Arizona has emerged as a beacon of hope and support.

Mission and Values

With Child is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering pregnant and parenting teens to achieve their full potential. The center’s mission is to provide comprehensive services and resources that foster the physical, emotional, and educational well-being of young mothers and their children. With Child believes that every young woman deserves the opportunity to succeed as a parent and to reach her full potential.

Services Offered

With Child offers a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of pregnant and parenting teens. These services include:

  • Prenatal Care: With Child provides prenatal care, including medical check-ups, nutrition counseling, and childbirth education.
  • Parenting Classes: The center offers parenting classes that cover topics such as infant care, child development, and positive discipline.
  • Educational Support: With Child provides academic support, including tutoring, homework help, and GED preparation.
  • Counseling: The center offers individual and group counseling to help young mothers cope with the emotional challenges of pregnancy and parenting.
  • Life Skills Training: With Child provides life skills training, such as financial management, job readiness, and healthy relationship skills.
  • Housing and Support: The center offers housing and support services for homeless or at-risk young mothers.

Impact on Young Mothers

With Child’s services have a profound impact on the lives of young mothers. Studies have shown that participants in With Child’s programs are more likely to complete their education, find employment, and provide a stable home for their children. Additionally, young mothers who receive support from With Child report improved mental health and parenting skills.

Success Stories

The following are just a few examples of the transformative impact With Child has had on the lives of young mothers:

  • Sarah: Sarah was a 16-year-old high school student when she discovered she was pregnant. She was scared and alone, but With Child provided her with the support and resources she needed to continue her education and become a successful parent.
  • Maria: Maria was a 17-year-old runaway when she came to With Child. The center provided her with housing, counseling, and job training, helping her to turn her life around and become a responsible mother.
  • Emily: Emily was a 19-year-old single mother when she came to With Child. The center provided her with parenting classes, counseling, and financial assistance, helping her to provide a stable and loving home for her child.

Funding and Support

With Child relies on a combination of government funding, private donations, and fundraising events to support its programs. The center also receives in-kind donations, such as clothing, diapers, and formula.

Volunteer Opportunities

With Child welcomes volunteers to support its mission. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Mentoring young mothers
  • Teaching parenting classes
  • Providing childcare
  • Assisting with administrative tasks


With Child Teen Pregnancy Center is a vital resource for pregnant and parenting teens in Arizona. The center’s comprehensive services and unwavering support empower young mothers to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and build a brighter future for themselves and their children. By investing in With Child, we invest in the future of our community.

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